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What You Should Know Mold Testing from Shield Response and Restoration

Mold damage is the latest scare word and can strike fear into the heart of home and business owners. But, at Shield Response and Restoration we know that the best way to deal with a scary topic is with plenty of information.

Shield Response and Restoration, has a lot of experience in testing for molds and addressing moldy conditions in properties. Our practice is to keep our client’s informed on all the details about this somewhat mysterious line of work. We believe that a happy client is a well-informed client who will take the news of our superior work to their friends and colleagues.

So, if you have been tentatively sniffing the air or wondering about that black spot slowly eclipsing your beautiful masonry, worry no more. In the following article we will cover all you need to know about mold testing and why you may need this important service.

Do I Need Mold Inspection Services?

The first thing we would like to do is fill you in with some industry insights. Here is something that not every mold testing and removal company will tell you because mold testing is a paid service and not always necessary.

The fact is, if you can already see mold coming out of air vents, spreading across masonry and tile work or creeping across your basement, testing is no longer needed. The rule is that if you can see the mold, you are looking at a very small portion of the entire mold problem. This completely negates the need for mold testing and you can go straight to the removals services.

So, why then would anyone ever need mold testing services? Because, there will be many instances when the threat or presence of mold remains safely hidden from sight.

If you are a meticulous sanitation enthusiast, you may have kept all visible parts of the home or business location completely dry, clean and inhospitable to mold colonies. But, a mold colony can easily sprout up overnight and grow strong in the very bowels of your property and quite beyond your capacity to see or detect the menace.

Following are a few important signs that your home

1. Physical Conditions – mold colonies produce spores in great microscopic quantities and these can waft through the air causing physical conditions wherever they go. If you or the other people in your home or commercial location have been suffering from stuffy noses, allergies, or breathing difficulty for no apparent reason, this is something to consider.

2. Odors – mold colonies emit a dank musty odor that can be easily detected in areas of the home with poor ventilation. But, don’t intentionally breathe that in as it can make you sick.

3. Flooding – if your property was recently flooded by heavy rains, stopped up storm drains or leaky pipes, the circumstances could be just right for a mold colony. Testing can provide you with a confirmation on your mold problem.

4. Recent Mold Removals – maybe you have recently had a mold removal service performed on your home. If you would like a third party to confirm that your home is indeed mold free.

5. New Home – if you are interested in buying a home or renting a property but would like to make sure that the location is entirely up to standards before moving in, a mold testing could be the thing you need.

Mold Inspection Services from Shield Response and Restoration.

Mold testing services are not free so it is important that you only use them where you will need them the very most. We provide a full testing service at Shield Response and Restoration and will provide the easily understandable results you can see for yourself. All work is handled by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience. Call (256) 744-3418 today to find out more about mold testing near you.

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