A Closer Look At Reconstruction Services

Unfortunately, natural disasters can hit at just about any time and leave a wake of destruction and mayhem. Disasters such as earthquakes, fires, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes etc can instantly turn your life upside down and completely devastate your home or business. Many people often think that these acts of nature won't happen in their town, however, that's quite untrue. In 2017, there were $300 billion worth of losses due to natural disasters across the United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Division.

When these natural disasters occur and cause damage to your property, then you need to consider hiring the reconstruction services of a disaster restoration company. This particular service will be absolutely essential when it comes to cleaning up the mess, repairing and rebuilding your property and ensuring that your property is back to being safe, secured and in one piece. The staff will completely assess your particular situation and quickly provide an estimate to fix your home or business place so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible.

Some of the typical events that lead to requiring reconstruction services include storm, hurricane or tornado damage that has resulted in the destruction of home's exterior and interior. Water and fire damage caused by flooding, burst pipes, fire extinguishers, leaking roofs etc. There may even be severe mold damage that may have affected your walls, flooring, framing etc.

Why Hire A Disaster Restoration Company?

The great thing about hiring a disaster restoration company is that they typically offer 24/7 callout services which means you'll quickly get a response anytime and any day. This is important because the first couple of hours after a disaster has ended are critical since the more time that passes, the more damaged your property will become. Once you call them, they will arrive as soon as possible and board up or use tarp in order to secure your property. This will not only protect your property from the elements and getting even worse damage but also from thieves. So, you will be able to rest assured that your belongings are also safe.

Should You Restore Or Remodel?

Now, once it is time to restore your property, you can opt to restore it as it was or you can opt to change and remodel. However, this second option would be dependent on your particular insurance policy since some policies only cover restoration and not remodeling. However, if you are able to finance the remodel, then this won't be an issue. Some of the typical restoration services include smoke and soot removal, exterior clean up, electric restoration, water and mold removal, antimicrobial treatment, odor removal, complete construction to repair both the interior and exterior, fire damage restoration and much more.


To wrap things up, disasters are all very stressful and it is truly devastating to see your property and life's investment in shambles. However, by hiring a quality disaster restoration service, they will make the process of reconstruction as easy and painless as possible. They will not only work with you but also your insurance provider to make sure that your property is back to its original or improved state.

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