Temporary Power

Restoring Temporary Power

Disasters such as flood or fire most often result in a temporary loss of power to a home or business. The consequences can vary from mild to severe where the loss of power could affect the operation of a business or result in hazards in the workplace or home.

Restoring temporary power as soon as possible is therefore of utmost importance. Disaster restoration service providers offer a range of different solutions to ensure that your business is operational, your home safe and secure and that electronics and other equipment are protected while the power is out.

1. Planning Ahead

Whether you are a business or homeowner, you probably have insurance to provide financial cover in the event of a disaster. This is thinking and planning ahead for a disastrous event that could have catastrophic and costly consequences. In the same way, it is highly recommended to plan ahead to ensure that power is restored to your home or business premises.

A disaster restoration service provider will assist you in planning to meet your unique power requirements. Having a plan in place will ensure that power is restored quickly and effectively reducing the time that you are powerless. Prioritizing critical or essential operations as well as safety is paramount to planning for power disruptions after a disaster has struck.

2. Reserve A Power Supply

During a time of mass power outages (such as after a natural disaster), there is a high demand for temporary power restoration. Supplies are limited and it may be too late to call once the event has already occurred and the power supply interrupted.

Reserving a power supply to restore power to your home or business is therefore critical to ensure that you are first in line and that temporary restoration will be possible. As part of your disaster restoration plan, it is highly recommended to reserve a mobile power supply or generator that will meet your needs.

3. Temporary Power Supply Management

Your disaster restoration service provider will manage all aspects of restoring power to your home or business. They will install the mobile power supply and ensure that all critical and safety priorities outlined in your disaster recovery plan are up and running. Should the supply fail for any reason, a technician will attend to the problem or an alternative power supply will be provided as a replacement.

However, it is important to include the type of power supply that will be necessary to run all required equipment, electronics, lights and other electrics during an outage. A power supply that is insufficient will fail. Inform your disaster restoration provider of any changes to your load requirements to ensure that you receive a power supply that has the capacity to meet your needs. It is also imperative to ensure that all electrics (wiring, fuses, electrical panels, etc.) are well-maintained and in good order to prevent any issues arising with a power supply that is provided on a temporary basis.

Being prepared for a disaster can mean the difference between staying operational and safe in your home or business while reducing damage and other consequences of an extended disruption to your regular power supply.

Temporary Power Solutions During Emergencies

Power outages during an emergency situation can disrupt your business operations for an extended period of time leading to huge financial losses. Power generators are one of the best options when it comes to restoring power to your facility in the shortest possible period.

Benefits Of Generators

• Swift delivery and set up: The portable nature of this temporary option translates into swift restoration of power during emergencies as they can be efficiently delivered to just about any location. Generators with their self contained power and fuel systems can be delivered and set up swiftly at your location, making for fast power restoration during emergencies.

• All the power you need: To ensure that your specific power requirements are fully satisfied during this difficult period, you need to find a temporary power source with the right power rating. With temporary power solution you can find everything from smaller portable units designed to power small electrical systems made up of few electronics, to larger and more powerful industrial grade portable units designed to power extensive electrical systems, thanks to the wide selection available.

• A reliable option: While regular back-up power systems may fall into a state of disrepair or require detailed set up processes before they are ready for use at a time when you can least afford it, our professionally maintained units are always ready to be deployed. Once delivered and connected, the unit can be used reliably for as long as possible.

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